We did it for the money (2013)

To save a bundle on taxes, odd couple Ines and Moritz get married on paper. But when their tax officer moves in next door, they suddenly have to act like a real married couple.

An ordinary kiss – that´s all Moritz gets from his wife Ines. But the bride finds herself in the arms of her lover Bernd. Being on board of a financial cooperation her salary is superb, but she doesn´t want to get taxed that high.
To trick the treasury she marries her friend Moritz who earns very little as an archivist. This fake marriage saves Ines a big amount in taxes.
Her fake husbands´ rent she pays with petty cash.  Of all people his new neighbor Ekkehard is the tax inspector who´s responsible for them. To avoid being arrested for tax evasion they start playing the happy couple…


Florian Lukas, Diana Amft, Ludger Pistor, Ursula Karusseit, Uwe Preuss, Matthias Weidenhöfer, Tabea Bettin u.v.a.


Manfred Stelzer

Jens Urban nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Matthias Sachau

Director of Photography
Namche Okon

Bernd Schriever

Ralf Herrmann

Biber Gullatz, Moritz Freise

Production Designer
Michael Fechner

Costume Designer
Heidi Plaetz

Hair & Make Up Design
Suse Bock, Maresi Wagner

Production Manager
Cornelia Schmidt-Matthiesen

Line Producer
Hartmut Köhler

Regina Ziegler, Marc Müller-Kaldenberg

TV Editor
ARD Degeto für Das Erste

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