Sweet September (2014)

After Johanns wedding, Rebecca is the only one of her friends not being in a settled relationship. Men have a hard time getting to her and she is not really convinced of living a life as a couple.
She meets soulmate Bruno in a bar who apparently also stopped looking for love a while ago and the two of them become friends. Being sure not to be the type of person the other one is looking for the two of them take long walks through nights in Berlin and philosophise about love and the victims you have to bring in order to live in a relationship with someone.
But can men and women really be “just friends”? Before finding an answer to this question life stops them: Bruno´s ex-wife comes into his life again and Rebecca starts a romantic relationship with her “best friend” Johann. But something isn´t quite right.
Rebecca spontaneously goes to New York, thinking of never coming back. But the distance shows her who she really wants to be happy with…


Caroline Peters, Mišel Matičević, Regula Grauwiller, Samuel Schneider, Thomas Limpinsel, Daniel Roesner und Anatole Taubman


Florian Froschmayer

Sathyan Ramesh

Director of Photography
Christoph Chassée

Claudia Klook

Marcus Bock

Steffen Kaltschmid

Production Designer
Alexandra Pilhatsch

Costume Designer
Bettina Weiß

Hair & Make Up Design
Romy Meier, Dana Schumacher

Casting Director
Bernhard Karl

Production Manager
Sebastian Stürmer

Line Producer
Hartmut Köhler

Marc Müller-Kaldenberg

TV Editor
Götz Schmedes (WDR), Stefan Kruppa (ARD Degeto)


WDR / Degeto

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